Frequently asked questions


1.  Do I have to make advance booking? Or can I just waltz in and try my luck for a slot?

It is best to make advance booking at least a day before your preferred slot to ensure availability. Click here to check out several booking channels and operating hours.  

2.  How frequent should I do the therapy? Is it alright to drop by just whenever I feel like it?

It is recommended to do the therapy at least once or twice a week. Take it as an hour off for relaxation, detox and sweating given you've had a hectic week! 

3.  Can I bring my mobile phone inside the therapy room? 

In consideration of everyone's safety and peace of mind during the session, please keep mobile phones in the lockers provided. Take it as an hour break from your phone for relaxation. Do note that mobile phones have batteries.

4.  How does the 7-day challenge work?

This is best enjoyed by individuals who are keen to take up a 7-day detox challenge. It has to be redeemed within 7 consecutive days of the week. Upon expiry, individuals are qualified to sign up for it again in the future, subject to availability of slots preferred. 

5.  Do you have shower facilities? Can I shower immediately after my 1-hour session?

Yes, shower facilities and basic amenities are provided. However, it is recommended to shower before the session and just pat dry the sweat after the session as it becomes silky sweat. Should one require to shower immediately post-therapy, cool down for an extended time.

6. Why do I sweat more today than previous sessions? 

Human bodies goes through different cycles, there are days that one may be more susceptible to heat. Relaxing your mind and body during the session can also contribute to a more fruitful sweating session. Our beds are set to a constant heat and temperature cannot be manually manipulated.

7.  I have booked a time slot, can I just arrive as and when I feel like it?

Please arrive 10 minutes earlier than your preferred time slot. This is to ensure that the time selected is the start of the session. For any changes to the booked time, do contact us here.

8.  This is my first time trying it out, what are the things I need to bring?

Click here for more information.

9.  I have a particular active or passive ailment, health issues and medical history. Am I qualified to undergo the therapy?

If in doubt, please proceed to get an approval from your medical professional before making an appointment. Ganbanyoku does not claim to magically heal and cure any ailments and health issues.

10.  Does your therapy cater to gents or ladies in particular? Do you have couple's room?

Ganbanyoku caters to both ladies and gents. Ladies and gents have separate changing rooms and lockers. Generally, ladies and gents are assigned different rooms. Should you require a room for a family or couple or mixed gender, do call us in advance as the rooms need to be pre-arranged prior to your arrival.


For any other clarifications and queries not mentioned above do contact us here